Myofascial Release


UnknownEvery muscle in the body is surrounded by a smooth sheath of connective tissue called Fascia. The Fascia determines the length and function of muscles and forms a continuum, extending throughout the entire body. This Fascial contiuum extends into the innermost parts of each cell and also incorporates the circulatory system, the nervous system and the digestive tract. The various organs of the body are also sheathed in the same Fascial continuum. All body movements as a whole or of its smallest parts are created by tension carried through the Fascia.

Fascia allows the body to resist internal and external mechanical stresses and when this extremely complex system of connective tissue is working in harmony the contracting power of muscle can be optimised. Dysfunction of the Fascia can occur as a result of trauma, injury, poor posture or inflammation creating a restriction of the connective tissue, the end result being pain and/or dysfunction. Fascial restrictions are often hard to identify with scans and are commonly experienced as diffuse muscular pain and/or decreased joint range of motion, they may temporarily respond to other treatment modalities yet improvements may not ‘hold’ for long.

Myofascial Release Therapists use a variety of subtle stretching techniques and clients often describe the feeling of a Fascial restriction releasing as a melting, burning or pulling sensation that ‘moves’ to another area once a spot has cleared.

Myofascial Release is a gentle, yet effective treatment suitable for all ages and its positive health effects are longer lasting compared to a standard massage.

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