Pregnancy Massage


preg1Massage is one of the best ways to support an ever changing body through all stages of pregnancy. The benefits of Pregnancy Massage include reduced oedema (swelling), improved circulation, reduced stress and increased connection with your baby. Associated conditions such as constipation, lower back pain and sciatica may also be positively affected by Pregnancy Massage.

As a formally trained Pregnancy Massage specialist who is always updating my skills, I perform Pregnancy Massage treatments in a supported side lying position. This position allows for access to the muscles that are most affected by the body changes that occur during pregnancy and is the safest position for a Pregnancy Massage treatment.

Recent research suggests the old traditional ‘pregnancy toppers’ and ‘pregnancy tables’ hold numerous potential risks for mother and child. Some of these risks include over stretching of the uterine ligaments, increased pressure on the lower back affecting the spines natural curves, an increase in lumbar pain and painful pressure on the breasts. More serious conditions such as sciatica, synthesis pubis (dislocation of the pelvic bone) and reduced blood flow to the baby have also been observed.

No two expecting bellies are the same, as much as it’s ‘nice’ to feel the unloading effect of laying on a pregnancy table/topper, professionally trained Pregnancy Massage Therapists and more recent understanding indicate a supported side lying position is superior for mother and child’s health.

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